Goodbye Windows

Back to computers

I year ago, after a decade long stretch, I had parted with Apple laptops. Although we may or may not call that a tantrum against degrading quality of Apple’s hardware, the net result of those events was that I bought a new thinkpad and switched to windows 10.


A year later, I still love the thinkpad hardware. Yeah it still looks egregiously dirty with all the fingerprints, and you can see all the dust on its black surface. But, it’s a solid machine, it took a lot of beating in a year and it still works perfectly. Its warm, soft touch coating gives me a sort of pleasant reassuring sense, like an old trusty crafting tool. The keyboard still feels right up my alley. The anti-glare screen coating makes my eyes mellow. And it’s really lightweight for its size. It’s not perfect, but I like it anyways just on tactile level. I like how it cares about my comfort and the job I do more than about how it looks like.

Windows 10

I never really liked windows to be frank. But, I was hoping that 20 years later I’m a bit more mature person and I can make it work. Also, microsoft has changed, and so did windows.

The alma mater

One thing that MS did a really stellar job at was dangling Ubuntu in my face for a year. And so, I made the whole circle and I am back home to linux. I’m not going to lie, it does feel like I ran away with a hotter girlfriend in my late twenties, only to reconnect and get back together with linux in my forties. Well, I guess I’m a jerk. When you get to your forties, you will understand the joke.

Technical Details

So, some of you, more technical, probably want details. Well, I was on a rebound with Ubuntu for a few months, because that’s where I left all those years ago. It’s still amazing and an absolute brick house. But, I had always gravitated towards simpler rolling systems like gentoo. And so I had moved onto Arch.

Final thoughts

I have roughly 200ml of gypsy blood in me. I like my guitars and I like a change of scenery, it’s not even funny. I don’t know where I will be in a year, but I know that linux gives me options, and I haven’t even began to explore them all.



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Nikolay Nemshilov

Nikolay Nemshilov

Engineer, obsessive maker, and occasional speaker. CTO at @shortlyster